Eagle Manufacturing 8′ Safety Whip – the ultimate solution for enhancing visibility and safety in any vehicle with a 12/24 Volt DC power source. This safety whip comes packed with features to ensure optimal performance and compliance with safety standards. Enhance your safety measures with the Eagle Manufacturing 8′ Safety Whip – a reliable, durable, and DOT-approved solution for optimal visibility and warning capabilities. Whether on construction sites, off-road adventures, or other demanding environments, trust Eagle Manufacturing to keep you visible and safe.

8′ Safety Whip – White Fiberglass (Quick-Disconnect / Amber LED) Key Features: Versatile Compatibility: Designed to work seamlessly with any vehicle equipped with a 12/24 Volt DC power source, ensuring adaptability for a wide range of applications. Quick Disconnect: The threaded quick-disconnect feature allows for easy and swift installation, making it convenient to attach and detach the safety whip as needed. High-Visibility Design: The orange mesh flag features a reflective yellow “x” strip, enhancing visibility during both day and night. This D.O.T. approved design ensures compliance with safety regulations. LED Lighting: Equipped with a non-flashing Amber LED light with a lifespan of 50,000 hours, providing long-lasting illumination. Additionally, the LED light can be replaced with an optional white light, offering flexibility based on your visibility requirements. Fiberglass Tube Whip: The white fiberglass tube whip adds durability while maintaining flexibility. This robust construction ensures longevity, even in challenging environments. Safety Flag with Warning: The yellow “X” reflective flag serves as a clear warning signal, alerting others to the presence of your vehicle and promoting safety on the road.